Guest Speaker: Ken Koeman

Advent 2013 Sermons               "Following Jesus From the Beginning"

November Sermons                               Thanksgiving Day: Dr. Henry Algera

Fall Guest  Pastor Simon Cunningham

Fall  2013 Mini-Series: Following Jesus Beyond the Comfort Zone

Summer Guest Preachers: Dr. Henry Algera and Brad Pattie

Summer  2013 Mini-Series: The Hard Sayings of Jesus



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Guest Preacher: Dr. Henry Algera   "Psalm 23"

May/June  2013 Sermons

April 2013 Sermons

Mini-Series: The Prayers of Jesus

March 2013 Sermons

Guest Pastor: Dr. Henry Algera. "Learning More about Jesus"

January 2013 Sermons

February 2013 Sermons

Following Jesus is not about wearing sandals--it is learning more about Jesus so we can be more like him. Our desire at New Hope Fellowship is not to become more religious, but rather to be more Christ-like. So we dedicated all of 2013 to focusing our faith on the person, the teaching, and the ministry of Jesus.

2013 Sermon Series: Following Jesus.

The Sermon Vault

On this musty web page we store the sermons of bygone Sundays, timeless classics for your spiritual edification. Click on a sermon and the video will begin playing. If you prefer to just listen, click the link that leads you to our mp3 site. The oldest of the old sermons are near the top of the site.