I believe that our faith in Jesus is the most valuable thing we can possess in this life. It is of greater worth than gold (1 Peter 1:6). I believe that a life devoted to ministry is a life well invested, that studying, teaching and applying God's Word has eternal value. I feel called to communicate the truth of Christ through my own life. And I believe that our faith is to be lived out in a way that glorifies God.  

It has been my privilege to be the pastor of New Hope Fellowship for over 20 years. It is a great church. What I like most about our church is that the people are real. There isn't much show. People aren't judgmental. They seem to love each other and accept each other. Our staff at NHF is amazing. They are talented, godly people who give so much more than their time--they invest themselves in the ministry of our church. I hope that New Hope Fellowship can serve you and that it strengthens your faith as much as it has mine.   

Since 2001 I have been traveling to Asia regularly to do ministry. Most of my time is spent in Calcutta, India and northern Thailand. In Calcutta I work with Subir and Eunok Roy, a couple who minister to the poorest of the poor in the slums of Calcutta. It is demanding and rewarding work and I am glad to be a small part of their ministry. In Thailand I work with Joe Dee. He works with Christians in remote mountain villages, teaching them how to grow and harvest coffee. This cottage industry helps to create and sustain Christian youth hostels and churches in these mostly Buddhist villages.

One of the things I love about following Jesus is that you aren't quite sure exactly where he will lead us on this long journey home. I didn't plan to come to Monroe, but God did. I  had no intention of getting involved in mission work in India or Thailand, but the Holy Spirit led me there. I hope that we can journey together for a time at New Hope Fellowship, that I can be a blessing to you and you to me.  


The Privilege of Pastoring